IPT West Midlands Training Centre

Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust launched the IPT West Midlands Training Centre in 2013 and offer training courses and supervision in IPT to IAPT Services and other organisations across the Midlands and East areas.

What is IPT?

Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) is one of the recognised NICE psychological therapies for depression, and as such should be one of the range of therapies offered to people within IAPT services. IPT is a time-limited and focused treatment for major depression and other psychiatric disorders. IPT focuses on the intersection between the psychiatric symptoms and the interpersonal dysfunction. IPT establishes a collaborative focus with the client to address issues of interpersonal loss, change, dispute or isolation, identified as central to the current episode of depression. The therapist works with the client to recognise and communicate about his/her interpersonal difficulties to achieve resolution in the here and now. IPT supports the use and development of effective resources in the client's interpersonal network.

Cohort 24 

Day 1 - Monday 19th Septemer 2022 

Day 2 - Tuesday 20th September 2022

Day 3 - Wednesday 21st September 2022 

Day 4 - Monday 26th September 2022 

Day 5 - Tuesday 27th September 2022 

Day 6 - Wednesday 28th September 2022 

Day 7 - Friday 30th September 2022 

Depression and the Body - 6th April 2022 

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Depression and the Body - 7th April 2022 

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Level A: Introduction to IPT

Level B: IPT-UK Practitioner Accreditation

Level C: Advanced Practitioner

Level D: Supervisor Accreditation

Introductory Level A and Practitioner Level B Training Courses are held in Stafford and Leicester. Advanced Practitioner Level C and Supervisor Level D training courses are usually held in Stafford. Funded places are available on these courses.

For further information including dates of upcoming courses, please email our admin team on ipt.westmidlands@mpft.nhs.uk  

Please note that Health Education England funded places are only available to NHS employed applicants who work within the Midlands and East areas. Applications received from outside of these areas will need to pay to attend.

We provide supervision to a wide range of practitioners working in various locations and professions, such as IAPT High Intensity workers, Eating Disorders, Community Mental Health Teams, Psychologists, Counsellors and Specialists working with depression and other psychiatric disorders. Supervision can be tailored to meet the therapists needs and can be flexible, such as Skype, telephone, face to face, individually, or in groups to maximise learning. Supervisors are IPTUK Accredited Practitioners and Supervisors, who have a wide experience of supervising in other modalities. For more information, please contact Dr Marie Wardle at ipt.westmidlands@mpft.nhs.uk 

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